Owning your swimming pool can be awesome and luxurious. You can host a number of pool parties and if you live in a hot region the pool can be your safe haven when you want to spend time outside. It’s one thing for you to use it but another issue for you to clean it and maintain it. It is important to regularly maintain and clean it for health and safety reasons. But you may think it is too much of a hassle to clean it or maybe too expensive. This happens when you are uncertain about how the cleaning process it done so here is a quick guide how it’s done.


Draining your pool is the first step that will be taken. It is recommended that you don’t waste this valuable water and try to use it for recyclable purposes. It can be collected in a bucket and used for other cleaning purposes but depending on the size of the pool collecting it in a bucket can be a hassle. So just take as much as you can and drain the rest of it. Once the pool dries off it will become safe to bring any electrical equipment required for cleaning.

Walls and Floors

You are bound to find that your walls and floors are dirty so it needs to be scrubbed down. Applying water and then detergent will help speed up the process. There could also be cracks on the wall or floor and it can be fixed with a concrete sealing that would make it look brand new again. The walls and floors need to be constantly wet so that you avoid any chemical mixing in with the dirt as this can be hard to remedy.

Eliminating Algae

A common growth in concrete pools are algae. Although it is not harmful to you these algae are being fed on by various bacteria’s which can then be harmful to you. So this can be removed using pressure cleaning and afterwards using an appropriate chemical to completely eliminate algae. If you have a really old pool and it hasn’t been cleaned for years a strong pressure washer is necessary in order to remove these stains and algae from the walls. Using a turbo nozzle can be really helpful in this scenario as they are able to produce high energy without damaging the surface of the walls or floors.So these are the steps that are taken when it comes to cleaning your pool. Again, it is important that you regularly clean your pool for health and safety reasons so that you can enjoy the most out of it.