I think the idea of green twirls spiralling up a ladder or wall, adorning it with berries and blossoms, makes gardening all the more charming. There’s many types of vertical gardening, from planting using potted plants and displaying them neatly in rows to, stacking plants in pockets made of felt or sack. Be it a wall looking like a luscious green oasis or vines heavy with the season’s blossoms trailing up the trellis, vertical gardening is truly beautiful in all its forms. If you’re having trouble trying to maintain one, read below for a few tips.

The Entryway.

If you’re about to start planting vertically, then might as well start from the scratch. The entry way is going to define what you have ahead so put a bit of effort and make it look more enchanting by simply making your gate, fence or arbour the structure on which your plants grow. Throw in a bit of creativity, imagination and of course, flowers, for an attractive look from the outside. This is where you make the first impressions, so if you’ve got a boring brown fence, splash a bit of colour by attaching pot plants to it. It’s all about the landscaping Bondi Junction tricks you can try to incorporate.

Fill The Windows.

If you’ve got windows that’s rattling and barely opened, you can get them looking glam with vines of passion flower and morning glories which work well with window boxes. You can go for an ideal vintage look by getting a rusted old white window, and placing it in a spot in your backyard or garden to hide a spot that ain’t looking good, by adding an ample amount of luscious foliage to the wooden frame.

Install Shelves.

The best part about vertical gardening is that your plants don’t need a huge horizontal bed for them to grow. Also garden maintenance Coogee is made a whole lot easier when you’ve got a small vertical garden. Whether you’ve got a small garden space or even barely any space, if you love the greenery, you can always find a way to grow them. One way to do that is by getting that utility rack from the basements, and lining up its shelves with plants and herbs to your heart’s content. Lean the rack to a wall, and get them sprouting out of those shelves.

Hang Baskets.

What better way to make your garden look like a beautiful galore of colourful flowers than hanging flower baskets? Dangle containers of different sizes filled with the annual flowers along with herbs and lettuces for an edible combination of plants. Before filling these deep baskets with soil, cover them with plastic bags or weed fabric to keep the soil from washing out. You can throw in Lilies and other summer bulbs and hang them in your fence for baskets of blossoms.

Get Artistic With a Frame.

This is another iconic move to get your vertical garden look like a thing straight from the vintage. You can add more charm and greenery to wherever you garden lacks it by adding an extravagant succulent frame. Succulents come in various different colours and sizes and are a natural choice for verticle gardens since they grow slowly and require less water. So instead of framing a picture, you can create a whole garden by using assorted succulents knit together making it a living tapestry.