Termites are the scariest of all the common household pests. Even cockroaches aren’t as lethal as termites can be. They can turn a nice home into a house from Hell in a matter of years, mainly because they feed on wood as their primary source of nutrition. However, these tips and tricks will definitely help you keep your termite infestation in check, and will help you detect them too.

1. Every spring, winged termites decide to leave their old colonies in order to breed and form new ones elsewhere. If you spot a winged termite in your home, you can be sure that there are many more lurking around. While they look similar to winged ants, there are a few features that you can look for to differentiate them from the latter.

2. Look for hollow tubes in the wood in your home like floorboards. These are called feeding galleries, and they are usually lined with a lot of caked, dried mud and bits of dirt and lint. You can tell that it is a termite infestation by this, because the normal tubes made by other insects contain sawdust instead of mud.

3. Remember that termites are liable to burrow inside the wood. This means that you might not even see the tunnels that they make on the exterior, which can still look pristine. The damage, however, will exist on the inside, weakening the wood.

4. Termite removal companies also make use of termite bait stations for sale in a lot of normal pest stores in effective ways to kill termites in large numbers. The baits are placed near food sources and are then covered in liquid pesticide, which causes the termites to die slowly so that the others won’t get suspicious.

5. If you want to control the population of termites in your house, the best option wouldn’t be the termite bait stations for sale just about everywhere though. It would be to spray pesticide around the foundations of your home. You have to put a lot of it in there though, because it needs to reach very deep into the ground indeed. Think in the hundreds of gallons.

6. The nests of termites generally aren’t found inside the house on which they are feeding at the time. Instead, they nest far away from the home, deep underground. They move into the house to feed on the wood and other sources. Because of this, a treatment where you kill the termites inside your home every now and then is going to do absolutely nothing for you. Get to know more about termite baits and where to get them, just see this page https://termitemansion.com.au/.

7. When a liquid anti-termite pesticide is applied to your home, and the application is done properly, it can prevent them from entering the home for five years or more. However, people tend to make mistakes, and miss small parts of the soil. When hiring a pest control company be sure to ask them about any guarantees that they may have to offer you.