Picking the right curtain will not only accessorize the window but it will also make it appear more open and pleasing. Apart from enhancing the look of the room and decor, curtains are used as a way to either let in or block light as well as providing the necessary privacy needed. Before putting on the drapes there are a few steps that you need to go through and these steps are listed below. It is vital to get these basic steps right in order to successfully install your curtains.

Measure the length of the window

In order to correctly hang the drapes, it must be installed on a strong and sturdy level rod unlike using PVC cafe blinds Melbourne. This rod should ideally be a few inches wider than your window to allow the curtain panels enough space. Note down these measurements of the window. The longer the rods are, the bigger the window will look thus as a rule of thumb it is best to use about 8 to 12 inches wider than the window.

Measure the height

If you place the curtain rod directly above the window, this will tend to give the window a narrow and cramped look. In order to avoid this, keep about 3 to 4 inches extra on top when measuring the height of your window. This will give a spacious look to your window and ceiling. However, you will not encounter this when installing outdoor cafe blinds in Mornington Peninsula

Measure the entire length to the floor

Curtains that don’t reach the floor and look short can be very unappealing and awkward. The curtains should ideally touch the floor. It is important to take the measurements from the top of your window frame to the floor in order to get this length right. However, having the curtain too long can ruin the entire look of the room as well. Having about 1 to 2 inches of curtain pool on the ground would be the ideal look you want to go for.

Level your measurements

It is important to make sure that you take all the above measurements in level and not crooked as nothing is more embarrassing and ugly than a crooked curtain in the room. You can make sure that the measurements are taken correctly by using a measuring tape and a level.

Bracket locations

As the final step to setting up installation, you must mark the intended bracket locations of your window. Hold the brackets in place and mark with a pencil the place where the screws will be made. Most brackets are included with the curtain rods when purchasing.